Ordinations in Nepal

Today (3 June 2015) marks a very important milestone for the Deanery of Nepal and the Country of Nepal. For the first time in history, three local pastors (Prem Bahadur Tamang, Bikash Shrestha and Chitra Kumar Rai) were ordained to the Diaconate by Bishop Rennis Ponniah in Nazarene Church, Kathmandu.


Despite the grieves and devastations the people had recently experienced, the service was undoubtedly filled with the spirit of celebration and gratitude to God. It demonstrates the will of the people to overcome adversity and their faith in God.


The move of the Spirit was so evident as Bishop Rennis preached the Word from John 21. Many were ministered to and our Nepali travel coordinator Mr Deepak was so touched that he prayed to receive Christ. It is almost unheard of, people pray to receive Christ at an ordination service. But with God nothing is impossible. We pray that this will mark the start of many more ordination services in Nepal and the salvation of more souls in this country. Let revival come to Nepal.


Thank you for your faithful support and prayers for the ordination and Bishop’s pastoral visit, a report of Bishop episcopal visit will reach you soon.


Please continue to pray for recovery and rebuilding of Nepal, and pray for the church as we as we soldier on for the glory of Christ.


The Very Rev Lewis Lew

(Dean of Nepal)

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