Bishop in Tunis to step down

Archbishop of Egypt announces retirement of Bishop Bill Musk

t was a sad and difficult moment for me when I announced at Synod that Bishop Bill Musk will retire in October this year.  It was a great joy and privilege to work with Bishop Bill and Hilary Musk. They are wonderful encouragements to me and all my colleagues in the Diocese.

Bishop Bill taught me the real meaning of grace and humility.  It is difficult to forget the times when he prayed for me over the phone, especially at the time when I felt very lonely. Bill is a very gifted leader and bishop for the church in North Africa.

He built a wonderful team and cared well for every member of it. I believe that Bishop Bill Musk is one of the leading experts on Islam and we in the Anglican Communion can learn a lot from Him. Bill and Hilary will be greatly missed by all of us in the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa. 

Mouneer Anis

4 June 2015

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