Zambia ‘shall remain a Christian nation’ says new president

The newly elected President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu, addressed a national service of thanksgiving last week at Holy Cross Anglican Cathedral in Lusaka, urging the national to put aside political differences and live out Christ’s call to begin the work of building the kingdom of God in the Central African nation. transforming the Central African nation. President Lungu won a closely elected election held on 20 Jan 2015 that saw the country divide along tribal lines. Now was the time that all Zambians “pledge to honour God by adhering to the Christian virtues upon which this great nation was founded. Let me reaffirm from the outset that Zambia shall remain a Christian nation tolerant of other religions. Let us all seek God so He can continue to bless the Republic,” he said according to the official transcript of his address. “Let us always hold each other’s hand and spread love, not hatred, not retribution, not insults.ds,” the new president said. He also thanked the country’s churches “for bringing us together. Please, continue to pray for all of us. I invite the Church to do more to heal the nation by challenging vices such as tribalism and violence.”

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