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Uganda bishop drops lawsuit against Archbishop Ntagali

The law suit brought by the Bishop of Kitgum, challenging the call by the General Synod of the Church of Uganda that he take early retirement, has been settled out of court, the church reports. In a statement issued last week, the church reported the diocese celebrated the retirement of the Rt. Rev. Benjamin Ojwang at a special service on 15 Feb 2015 at All Saints Cathedral in Kitgum, Northern Uganda. In August 2014 the 22nd session of the Church of Uganda General Synod passed a resolution asking Bishop Ojwang to step down by 14 Dec 2014, three years before his mandatory retirement in 2017.  The Church of England Newspaper was told by sources in Uganda the dispute was tied to the bishop’s abrasive management style. In December Bishop Ojwant threatened to file suit against the primate of Uganda, the Most Rev, Stanley Ntagali, if the church did not rescind the call for his resignation. The January meeting of the House of Bishops reaffirmed the call that the bishop go, prompting the filing of a lawsuit seeking a stay of action by the church. However, the matter has since been resolved, sources tell CEN, and Archbishop Ntagali will service as vicar general of the diocese pending the election of a new bishop. In his address to the 15 Feb 2015 service, Archbishop Ntagali urged Anglicans to ““Stay calm. God is in control of His Church. He will sort out all issues,” He called “on everyone in Kitgum Diocese to repent and ask for forgiveness from God because sin blocks God’s love.” 

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