Calcutta Cathedral falling down

St Paul’s Cathedral in Calcutta has launched an appeal for aid to save the Gothic revival style cathedral from falling down. Cracks stretching from floor to ceiling have formed on the cathedral’s southeast wall behind the altar that could bring down the principal church of British India. Built between 1839 and 1847 with a tower and spire modeled upon Norwich Cathedral, the floor was built upon a vaulted ceiling over the foundation to allow for the circulation of air. It also permitted the construction of a crypt housing the remains of its founder, the Rt. Rev. David Wilson. However, surveyors report the floor has begun to collapse upon the crypt due to the subsidence of earth. The Times of India reports church officials have met with city engineers in Calcutta to try to locate the original architectural plans for the church to investigate what steps can be taken to shore up the building. Repairs will be undertaken at the expense of the church by conservation architects from the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. Once the costs have been calculated, sources in the CNI tell CEN, an appeal will be launched to preserve one of the “treasures” of Indian Christianity.

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