South Carolina to request oversight from Global South Primates

A proposed resolution seeking archepiscopal oversight from the Global South Primates Steering Committee offered to the 14-15 March 2014 convention of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina.

Resolution R-3 

“Response to Offer of Provisional Primatial Oversight” Offered by: The Anglican Communion Development Committee 
Recognizing the generosity of spirit and the faithful concern for the Anglican 
Communion represented by the Global South Primates Steering Committee in offering a 
means for bodies such as the Diocese of South Carolina to have a formal ecclesiastical 
connection to the larger Communion and the consequent pastoral relationship, 
Be it resolved that the Diocese of South Carolina accept the offer of the newly created 
Global South Primatial Oversight Council for pastoral oversight of our ministry as a 
diocese during the temporary period of our discernment of our final provincial affiliation 
Be it further resolved that in this period of fluidity in the Anglican Communion we 
reserve the right to revisit this decision, as a convention, should it be necessary during 
this temporary discernment period, however long it may last. 
Resolution R-2 of this Convention speaks to the beginning of a formal process of 
deciding upon the final provincial affiliation of the diocese. When Resolution R-2 was 
written and distributed, the Global South Primatial Oversight Council had not yet been 
created. This new entity was created in Cairo, Egypt, by the Global South Primates 
Steering Committee on February 14-15, 2014. 
Because this new entity was created within a month before our Convention, and because 
it speaks directly to our need by mentioning the possibility of diocesan affiliation, we 
believe the timing Providential to add this resolution as a third resolution from the floor 
for the current Convention. 
Several aspects of this resolution need to bemade clear. First, this resolution in no way 
takes away from the need for, and the careful discernment of, an ultimate diocesan 
affiliation for the diocese. Therefore it is to be seen as a matter of both/and rather than 
either/or. Bishop Mark Lawrence has made clear that the diocesan affiliation decision 
should be made neither hurriedly nor by him individually but by us corporately as a 
Secondly, there is a specific time frame for the decision, but not a named date because it 
is unknown how long a process the discernment of affiliation will be. So while the time 
frame is temporary it is also open. We do not want to box the Holy Spirit in. 

Thirdly, the second resolved is necessary because the situation on the ground in the 
communion continues to change, and, given that this latest change has just happened 
before our own convention, other as yet unknown changes may emerge BEFORE our 
ultimate diocesan affiliation decision has been reached. 
Fourthly, this affiliation does not speak in any way about either GAFCON or ACNA, the 
ministries of which we appreciate, and the relationships within which we continue to seek 
nurture, cooperation and strength in the days ahead. 
Most importantly, however, this resolution is the response to something others in the 
communion have created, and it provides a means for us to better make biblical 
Anglicans for a global age in this in between-time. We choose to see it as a providential 
provision which gives us further sacramental closeness with the global Anglican family 
which we so richly treasure. 
Members of the Anglican Communion Development Committee 
The Rev. Bob Lawrence (Chairman), St. Christopher, Seabrook Island 
The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon (ACD Coordinator), Christ-St. Paul’s, Yonges Island 
The Rev. Chris Warner, Holy Cross, Sullivan’s Island 
Ms. Cindy Pennington, St. John’s, John’s Island 
Mr. Don Hurst, Church of the Cross, Bluffton 
The Rev. Janet Echols, St. Matthew’s, Ft. Motte 
The Rev. Kathie Phillips, St. Luke’s, Hilton Head 
Dr. Chuck Milliken, Redeemer, Orangeburg 
Ms. Lisa Holland, St. Michael’s, Charleston 
The Rev. Marcus Kaiser, Holy Comforter, Sumter 
The Rev. Michael Clarkson, Our Savior, John’s Island 
Mr. Sam Dargan, St. John’s, Florence 
Ms. Sue Harrison, St. Paul’s, Conway

Other Clergy Sponsors 
The Very Rev. Craige Borrett, Christ – St. Paul’s, Yonges Island 
The Rev. Wey Camp, Trinity, Edisto 
The Rev. Tyler Prescott, St. Paul’s, Summerville 
The Rev. Matt McCormick, Resurrection, N. Charleston 
The Rev. David Dubay, Holy Trinity, Charleston 
The Rev. Jimmy Gallant, St. Andrew’s Mission, Charleston 
The Rev. Greg Snyder, St. John’s, John’s Island 
The Rev. Shay Gaillard, Good Shepherd, Charleston 
The Rev. Rob Kunes, Christ – St. Paul’s, Yonges Island 
The Rev. Canon Jim Lewis, Diocesan Staff, Charleston 
The Rev. Mike Lumpkin, St. Paul’s, Summerville 
The Rev. John Scott, St. Paul’s, Summerville 


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