NZ Supreme Court will not block demolition of Christchurch Cathedral

“The Anglican Diocese of Christchurch was informed on 2nd Dec that leave has not been given to take the legal challenge over the demolition of the ChristChurch Cathedral to the Supreme Court.   

This is a relief for the leadership of the Anglican Diocese and we are grateful to be able to move forward with our plans.  

We are committed to having a Cathedral in the Square in which we are able to worship within ten years and so there are some time pressures.   

It also allows us to work further on a design for a contemporary Cathedral in the Square.  Design ideas are regularly received and we continue to enjoy our relationship with Warren and Mahoney the Diocesan architects as well as RCP our project managers.   

During this period we are so grateful to have the Transitional Cathedral on Latimer Square which is attracting 40000 visitors a month over and above the significant numbers gathering for regular worship services.

We respect the concern for our ChristChurch Cathedral shown by GCBT.   There is no question we share a deep love for the Cathedral that graced Cathedral Square for 160 years.  “

Bishop Victoria Matthews

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