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Bishop Francisco de Assis da Silva elected Bishop Primate of the IEAB

The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil’s (IEAB) 2013 Synod’s mission statement is to strengthen our spirituality and mission in order to serve and to transform life.

On Nov 14 2013 Dom Mauricio Andrade opened the XXXII Synod of the IEAB. 56 delegates of the 9 diocese and a mission district have been gathered in Rio de Janeiro  to discuss and discover the way into these next 4 years. A new bishop primate was elected by the synod delegates on Saturday Nov 16, and Dom Francisco Silva will lead the church forward as Bishop Primate in the next four years.

The Rt Rev Stacy F. Sauls, Chief Operating Officer of The Episcopal Church, was present at the Synod and spoke at the Eucharist Service of the need to have a church for the poor, for those on the margins, of how the IEAB and TEC have this mission in common. There was a palpable excitement and joy in the air, at this desire to walk together and deepen our “bonds of affection” that make us one.

As Bishop Stacy spoke in his homily, quoting Fr. James Otis Sargent Huntington, Founder of the Order of the Holy Cross, “love must act as light must shine and fire must burn”, so we too had better be found where Jesus was found, among the poor.

Dom Francisco suggested yesterday at the end of the installation service that we cannot talk about closing the synod, but rather we must walk in the light of the spirituality, the liturgy and the decisions taken during these days of gathering together.

An invitation indeed to participate with joy and enthusiasm in renewing the church following to God’s invitation,  to announce the Gospel in words and actions to the end of the world.

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