Border crossings blessed by Gafcon

Bishops attending the 2nd Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) in Nairobi have endorsed a resolution supporting the crossing of ecclesiastical jurisdictions by bishops to support Anglicans in “places where Biblical faith has been compromised.”

A press hand out released to the media on 25 October 2013 by conference organizers said: “A meeting of bishops within the conference this week voted without dissent to affirm the Primates Council in recognizing and overseeing theologically isolated Anglicans.”

The hand out added that this recognition would include the “Anglican Mission in England.” However no details about this organization were provided in the statement.

The majority of the 331 bishops and archbishops attending the conference have participated in a mini-conference entitled “Episcopal Ministry: Priorities for a Bishop’s leadership” convened by the Rt. Rev. Wallace Benn.

On bishop told Anglican Ink there was not unanimity amongst the bishops as to how such a plan would work with some speakers voicing concern the program could be abused, or used in trivial matters.

The text of the resolution adopted by the meeting resolved: “To affirm and endorse the position of the Primates Council in providing oversight in cases where Provinces and Dioceses compromise biblical faith, including the affirmation of a duly discerned call to ministry. This may involve ordination and consecration if the situation requires.”

Crossing of ecclesiastical boundaries to support beleaguered conservative groups was discouraged by the Windsor Report and was among the moratoria set down by the Anglican Communion’s instruments of unity. The moratoria on blessing same sex unions and the consecration of persons who have entered such unions has not been honored by the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada.

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