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Surgery for US archbishop

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of North America underwent an emergency dental procedure in Nairobi yesterday, relieving pain and inflammation from an abscessed tooth.

A Kenyan dentist opened his office to the archbishop on 21 October 2013 – Kenya’s national holiday “Hereos’ Day” – and an American dentist attending the conference was able to operate.  Sources close to the archbishop had reported before the operation he would by flying back to the U.S. However his dental surgeon, Dr. Glen Petta, told Anglican Ink he did not make such a recommendation.

The procedure is reported to have addressed his immediate needs, but last evening the archbishop was said to be still in pain. However, Archbishop Duncan hoped to continue with the GAFCON conference and there are no immediate plans to return to the US for further treatment.

On 22 Oct 2013 the archbishop attended the morning eucharist, but had to be taken to the hospital and left the cathedral before the group bishops’ photo was taken. Spokesman for the archbishop have declined to comment at this time.

While he attended a pre-Conference meeting in Jordan for the 2008 Jerusalem conference, Archbishop Duncan did not attend the first Gafcon conference, and he has spoken often of the importance of the current gathering to the future of the Communion.

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