Update on Archbishop Duncan’s Health

Nairobi, Kenya – During the last week, Archbishop Duncan of the Anglican Church in North America has been fighting an infection that has come as a result of an abscessed tooth.

This morning (October 22nd, 2013), after the current prescription antibiotics were deemed to be insufficient, the Archbishop was attended to by the head of dental surgery at The Nairobi Hospital.  Thankfully, The Nairobi Hospital is blessed with an excellent medical facility and staff, treating patients both from Kenya, and the larger East Africa region.

The doctor recommended a round of intravenous antibiotics, and Archbishop Duncan is resting comfortably in a private room with his wife Nara at his side.

Archbishop Duncan thanks you for your prayers, and asks for your continued prayer for the Global Anglican Future Conference. 

The Rev. Andrew K. Gross
Director of Communications
Anglican Church in North America

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