CEEC warns bishops will permit same-sex blessings perhaps by the Fall


There’s a lot of water going under the Living in Love and Faith Bridge right now, including today, the 16th of May, a discussion at the House of Bishops. Whilst we do not know what they will conclude and what therefore will be brought to General Synod in July, it is clear that two things are going to happen. One, that the so-called ‘standalone services’ for blessings of same-sex relationships will be made possible.

And secondly, that, probably by the removal of ‘so-called’ discipline, that clergy in some dioceses are going to be able to marry their same-sex partners. Maybe as soon as this autumn. These are big changes, and I think it’s fairly clear that they are indeed indicative of a change of doctrine.

Please can I assure you that at CEEC we continue to contend for the biblical orthodoxy of the Church of England in the face of this continued push for change.

But the introduction of these two things in particular would ratchet up the need for formal structural differentiation for those of us who hold to the current Church of England doctrine and are not seeking change.

For those of you whose consciences are already substantially battered, if you like, by these proposed changes, please do have a look at the provisions that are already in place: our Alternative Spiritual Oversight and the Ephesian Fund.