Former Anglican Bishop SLAMS Church of England as ‘imitating a woke lobby-group’


Former Anglican Bishop Dr Gavin Ashenden has slammed Justin Welby as “lost” and “anti-Christian” as well as claiming that the Church of England is “imitating a woke lobby-group.”

It comes after the an investigation last year found the Church had invested large amounts of money into a company that transported tens of thousands of slaves.The Church welcomed the report by the Church Commissioners charity but refused to commit to raising the fund to the report’s £1bn target.

Speaking to GB News Ashenden said: “[The Church of England] is doing a very good imitation of being a woke lobby group, if it is still a religion. But the trouble is the ideas the Archbishop of Canterbury is promulgating in the public space are anti Christian.

“They got nothing to do with the faith. He wasn’t always like this, I think he’s lost his way.”