Sources close to the matter have told Anglican Watch that the earlier information we received, which is that the Diocese of Massachusetts paid outgoing Church of the Advent rector Douglas Anderson’s legal bill in his Title IV clergy disciplinary case, is incorrect.

We are told that the church’s senior warden told the congregation that the church, not the Diocese, footed the bill. The total amount is believed to be almost $1 million.

If these reports are accurate, this is doubly concerning.

Anderson was accused of sexually harassing multiple adult women, and lying in a prior Title IV proceeding. Thus, Advent and its members are not only victims of Anderson’s misconduct, but now they are paying for the privilege.

Moreover, many have allegedly been harmed in ways much worse than folks at Advent. We cannot countenance any disciplinary accord in which the voluntary donations of church members go to reimburse legal expenses for someone facing allegations of sexual harassment.

As protestors have noted, the money would be far better spent building the Kingdom of God and serving those in need.

We also note our profound discomfort with Gates and his role in this matter. Any accord must be approved by the bishop diocesan, and we are shocked and appalled that the donations of the faithful are being used to underwrite Anderson, a scumbag if there ever was one.