A 10 point summary of what General Synod support for the bishops might mean in practice

  1. That prayers to bless same sex couples will be commended by the bishops,
  2. That we are to look for the ‘goods’ in relationships and be less concerned about whether they are sexually active in a way that is contrary to Scripture,
  3. That prayers for/to celebrate a same-sex couple can be offered during regular services of Holy Communion and Morning/Evening Worship,
  4. An invitation for the bishops to pursue the possibility of clergy marrying their same-sex partners,
  5. The suggestion that all parish churches should debate their position with regard to same sex blessings and make it public (perhaps on a website),
  6. A recognition of the possibility of ‘pastoral  breakdown’ in parishes between clergy and PCCs (where they do not share the same view over the proposed Blessings),
  7. An open door for the possibility that potential ordinands will not have to offer any reassurances about their sexual life/practices,
  8. Every diocese is to have a system to signpost people to churches that will offer prayers of blessing to same-sex couples,
  9. Clergy using the prayers of blessing might be open to legal challenge – as might also any clergy refusing to use the prayers,
  10. That ‘standalone’ services to bless same sex same couples who have entered civil partnerships and marriages will be presented to General Synod in due course.