Following yesterday’s meeting of the House of Bishops, the National Church has now set out the next steps with regard to Living in Love and Faith. In London, we have seen first-hand the range of responses that the LLF journey has brought to the fore over these past years. At Diocesan Synod, in area and chapter meetings, in groups drawn from different traditions across the Diocese, and in individual meetings, we have listened to your deeply-held theological convictions and witnessed your lived experiences.  

We have been humbled by your courage in naming your hopes and fears, and heartened by the sensitivity many have shown to one another at times, often in the face of stark disagreement. In our conversations as a College, we too have mirrored the broad range of perspectives consonant with Anglican teaching and tradition. However, we stand together, and are committed to working together with you, and for you, for this Diocese. We realise that some are looking for formal, structural, pastoral provision as the national process continues, and we will look at how best to provide this in London.

We also recognise that some are seeking support in their own thinking around these issues and in conversations they are having in their parishes. The LLF page on the Diocesan website has been updated to signpost a range of resources in response to this need and can be found here.

Many questions remain and further conversations lie ahead. Yet your deep commitment to ministry and mission, to serving church communities across this diverse city, has held fast through this entire process. This same commitment underpins our episcopal ministries and our calling to serve you in yours, as together we witness to the hope of Christ in a world more than ever in need of reconciliation.  

Please do pray for us, as we do for you. 

The London College of Bishops
+Sarah Londin
+Emma Kensington
+Joanne Stepney
+Jonathan Fulham
+Lusa Willesden
+Ric Islington