I saw in front of me a beautiful old English oak tree, its trunk was wide, and its roots spread all over the nations,

As I looked, I could see the branches of one side of this tree reached up to the sky,
But on the other side I saw a large old branch, it was old and thick, but I could see it was bending towards the ground, then I saw that many brambles were reaching up from the ground and pulling it down this continued for some time until I heard an almighty crack!

I then looked and saw this beautiful old oak had been split in half, the old branch was now entirely on the ground, and quickly bramble grew round the branch, as this happened the branch grew black and died. Yet, because of all the bramble, it looked like it had many leaves, but it was not the tree branch that lived. It was the brambles and thorns that did.

As I looked, I saw the other half of this old tree struggled to live for a short time but then out of the break new fresh branches began to grow with fresh new leaves,

I asked the Lord the meaning of the vision he said,

The tree you see is the Church of England it has spread and flourished across the earth, and many of its branches reach up to me,

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