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George Bell

After prayerful consideration, the Chapter of Chichester Cathedral has decided to reinstate Bishop George Bell’s name to 4 Canon Lane.

From 3rd October 2023, 4 Canon Lane will become George Bell House, 4 Canon Lane. The title 4 Canon Lane will continue to be used for some commercial activities.

The Chapter recognises that the decision to remove Bishop Bell’s name from 4 Canon Lane in 2016 was a response to a serious allegation and was motivated by a desire to do the right thing by the complainant. The decision was made in good faith under deeply sensitive circumstances. However, the Chapter acknowledges that this decision was deficient and apologises for this.

Built in the late nineteenth century, 4 Canon Lane was dedicated to Bishop Bell in 2008 as a gift to the Cathedral from the Sisters of the Community of the Servants of the Cross.

Formerly an archdeaconry, the House was secured in trust to be primarily a centre dedicated to Bishop Bell’s concern for vocation, education and reconciliation.