Archbishop Vigano establishes Exsurge domine to help victims of the “deep church”


From the website:

In many countries no longer Catholic – such as England, Germany or Holland – small chapels made in attics and cellars can still be seen today, or domestic altars hidden in invisible wardrobes or niches: they served for the clandestine celebration of Mass in times of persecution, when it was a crime to be faithful to the Church of Rome and the priests had to hide to avoid prison or death sentence. Without going back to Diocletian, even in the 16th and 17th centuries the “ papists ” were considered a threat, and were barely tolerated until they had churches, convents, seminars, schools.

These persecutions recur today, perhaps in a less bloody form, and it is not the Lutherans or the minions of Oliver Cromwell who carry them out, but Cardinals, Bishops and Prelates of the conciliar sect, infiltrated in the Vatican and well determined to erase all traces of the “ old religion ” and of the “ old Mass ” which they replaced with the religion of ecology, hospitality, inclusiveness, of the New World Order.

The apostasy we are experiencing is not very different from that of the Bishops who swore allegiance to Henry VIII in order not to lose income and benefits: the difference is that today the act of obedience is required towards Bergoglio, Vatican II, the Novus Ordo, the “ synodal church ”, the Pachamama.

Those who do not give in, those who remain faithful to the Priesthood or religious vows are ostracized, mocked, defamed, persecuted and above all deprived of the Ministry, of a home and livelihoods. Without mercy, without charity, without humanity.

Exsurge Domine it is the answer of those who do not surrender to this betrayal of the modernist Hierarchy: it unites us to our brothers from past eras, to the faithful who gave hospitality to the monk sought after by the soldiers of Elizabeth I, a hot meal to the nun without a convent in revolutionary France, a hiding place for the Mexican priest chased by soldiers of the Masonic government. We can help those persecuted priests, men and women religious who in anonymity, silence, humble acceptance of trials show us the suffering face of Christ rising Golgotha.

We therefore demonstrate our ability to accompany the Faith that we profess with good works, with prayer, with charity and almsgiving. Because these priests, these friars, these nuns can stop the arm of divine Justice and give hope to the future in our children.