A terror raid on a Church of Uganda parish has left one man dead and another critically injured. Two days after jihadist gunmen attacked a school in Western Uganda killing 42, unidentified terrorists attacked a worship service held at the Katikara Church of Uganda parish near Uganda’s western border with the Congo.

At approximately 1:00 AM, local time, on 20 June 2023, a group of men armed with knives broke into the parish church in Katikara. Worshippers were attending an overnight vigil service when the terrorists attacked and began hacking members of the congregation. A teacher at Benitah High School in Katikara, Lias Mugume, was killed, while others were gravely wounded.

A police spokesman said the security services were in pursuit of the guerillas as they retreated back into the Congo.  The identity of the attackers remains unknown, but police are working on the theory they are part of the same organization that attacked the boarding school.