Bishop Prince Singh requests Title IV inquiry


Pastoral statement on the Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan

The Episcopal Church Office of Pastoral Development and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry are aware of a series of emails and social media posts containing accusations against Bishop Prince Singh by his sons. These claims follow Bishop Singh’s 2021 divorce and his recent public announcement of an engagement; he was named bishop provisional of the Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan in 2022.
Please be assured that these allegations are being taken seriously, and that Bishop Curry has been in contact with Bishop Singh’s sons and his ex-spouse during the past several months.
The Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan released a statement from Bishop Singh earlier today. As part of that communication, Bishop Singh shared the following:
“In response to these allegations, I have encouraged the presiding bishop’s office to officially open a Title IV investigation—a process to determine the veracity of the points and to determine appropriate actions. There should be no sense that these concerns are casually dismissed. The presiding bishop will appoint a separate intake officer to facilitate this process.
“From my vantage point, an official Title IV process is the appropriate way to clear these painful allegations. As part of this, I have offered to submit myself for comprehensive psychological and alcohol evaluation by a clinical professional. By taking my sons’ concerns seriously, I hope that this will keep open the possibility of reconciliation.
“The presiding bishop’s office has not called for a suspension or restriction on ministry. I will, however, take a week’s break to do the clinical evaluation, and will go on a reflective retreat during the week of July 4th.”   
Please keep everyone involved in this process in your prayers, and, while the Office of the Presiding Bishop is unable to comment on Title IV cases, questions and concerns regarding this matter should be directed to