This year marks 55 years since the UK legalised abortion, and as a result, the lives of 10,000,000 children have been taken too early.

The moment I state that sad fact, the initial response tends to be, “You cannot take away a woman’s right to choose!” Which is an unsurprisingly defensive response. I haven’t said anything about taking anyone’s right to choose anything. But in this knee-jerk reaction, people expose themselves. The immediate concern is over who gets to decide whether a baby dies, not whether that’s the right question to be asking in the first place. What a terrible starting point.

Is it a right? Who grants that right? Where does it come from? What is the choice they’re so ardent to defend? Can we be honest about it? We’re talking about ending the life of an unborn child. I don’t need to use strong language to define it; we all know it’s wrong. The question is, is it a choice that anyone should be making, and is that choice a right?

March for Life UK hosted a prayer vigil in the Westminster Cathedral Piazza last night to commemorate the loss of 10 million babies in the UK since that awful legislation came in and to pray for their souls. I was invited to share a few words. At their request, I have transcribed those words:

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