The Primate of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, the Most Rev. Laurent Mbanda, welcomed the 1300 GAFCON delegates, along with ecumenical guests and the prime minister of Rwanda to GAFCON IV. Archbishop Mbanda said it was with great pride Rwanda welcomed the Anglican world to his homeland. This was a crucial moment in the life of the Anglican world, he said, with “false teaching” rampant in the Church of England and other western churches. He stated GAFCON “commits to keeping the Bible at the center” of its life and witness, and would never succumb to the blandishments of Western money and power. Preaching at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kigali on 16 April 2023 at the 8:00 English language service, the archbishop said his church was determined not to accept funds from overseas churches — the faith of Rwanda was not for sale, he proclaimed. In his address tonight the archbishop noted the first East African revival of the 1930s began in Rwanda and spread across the region. It was his hope tonight that a new revival would begin at this GAFCON Conference and spread across the world.

The conference continues