We live in a sceptical, you might even say a cynical world.

Many who appreciate an Easter long weekend, are sceptical about its message – that Jesus’ death was a ransom for our sins and he was raised from death as a demonstration that he is the Lord of life.

Scepticism about this has been around for as long as the message itself. From the beginning some called it foolishness. Scepticism about Jesus is not a 21st Century phenomenon.

Jesus’ own disciple Thomas was not convinced of the resurrection – until an encounter with the risen Jesus took away his doubt.

Jesus’ resurrection was physical and real. Death really was defeated. The gospel writers tell us the tomb was empty. Jesus not only appeared but spoke, ate, talked, and walked with people like Thomas, and people like you and me.

Have you experienced the true meaning of Easter?

You could start by visiting a local church to hear more about how Jesus’ resurrection changes everything. Or pick up a gospel and read about Jesus for yourself.

This is not just another long weekend. The Lordship of Jesus is real – he is Lord over death, Lord over life, Lord over us. I hope you may learn more of him this Easter.

Kanishka Raffel Archbishop of Sydney Easter 2023