Archbishop Ole Sapit entering All Saints Cathedral Nairobi

The story of Jesus on the cross is retold each year on Good Friday and nearly every Christian observes it, solemnly, and reflectively- imagining what the lord did for us. He took up our place and died for our sins.

While on the cross, he says, I am Thirsty (John 19:28) pointing to the strain and exhaustion he is in – for our sins.

Today, out of the sadness of this experience, we celebrate salvation, the payment of our sin through the blood and life of Christ.

It is an invitation to be aware of the burden that sin carries – and a reminder that when we experience God at the cross, our sorrow, pain, and burdens meet his great love.

May we listen to our hearts, and yearn to align with the one who paid the price for our sins, clinging to the Old Rugged Cross, to exchange it someday for the Crown.