Angela Ndukuba

15th February, 2023

Sequel to the legislation of the Church of England on Thursday, 9th February, 2023 after a two-day divisive debate during her General Synod, which voted priests to offer blessings of same-sex marriages and civil partnership, the Church of Nigeria Mothers’ Union, ably led by Mrs. Angela Eberechukwu Ndukuba dissociates herself from such a flawed compromise.

The Union reinstates her stance and unequivocally states as follows:
1. That we unreservedly uphold the biblical principles whereby God ordains one man one woman for marriage (Matthew 19:4-5).

2. That on no account shall we alter or deviate from the cardinal teachings of Jesus Christ on marriage and tenets of the biblical faith of the Anglican Church in particular and the universal Church of God.

3. That the current position of the Church of England is antithetical to the fundamental principles of our faith, a clear-cut shift, and colossal avalanche from the old church’s tradition, social norms and values, and hence, should be outrightly abhorred.

Above all, we persistently pray the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ our Master to safeguard, unite and restore her flock to the fold in Jesus Name. Amen.

Respectfully yours in Christ,
Mrs. Angela Eberechukwu Ndukuba
President, Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Girls’ Guild (CON)