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The Primate of Nigeria has urged his government to relax restrictions on private gun ownership to permit citizens to protect themselves and their property.  

Speaking last week at the Carnival for Christ in Ajuba evangelism program, the Most Rev. Henry Ndukubu, lamented the flood of military weapons that had entered the country and were being used by terrorists against civilians.

Many Christian communities were under attack from Jihadist terrorist groups. If the government did not stamp out the importation of weapons and ammunition, these communities would most likely form their own militias to combat their persecutors. However, there was “still an opportunity for governments, at all levels, to deal decisively with the current challenge for peace to reign in every part of the country”, he said on 26 November 2022.

According to the Guardian newspaper, the archbishop said: “Insecurity, economic hardship and all sorts of difficulties are confronting us as a nation. Yet, we are looking forward to the 2023 general elections. We plead with the Federal, State and local councils to do the needful. If the government is not ready to take away guns from the hands of those who are carrying AK47 and AK 49, we demand that it should liberalise it so that everybody will carry guns. If communities resort to self-help, then this country is finished.”

The ‘Carnival for Christ’ was a weeklong diocesan festival that celebrated the faithfulness of the Lord with song, dance and the word of God.

“Carnival for Christ is a weeklong event by the Diocese to celebrate the Faithfulness of God with songs, dances and the word of God.