A new Anglican diocese, bishop and church in Australia


There are now two expressions of Anglicanism in Australia. 

The first congregation of the new Diocese of the Southern Cross started at Beenleigh in Brisbane last  Sunday and the Diocese’s first bishop Glenn Davies will be appointed on Thursday. 

Other congregations are expected to join in the next few months. 

The split in the Australian Anglican Church follows the failure of the Bishops of the National Church to support the denomination’s traditional teaching that marriage is between a man and woman. 

It follows similar splits in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Brazil. 

Peter Palmer was the minister of St George’s Anglican Church in Brisbane until serving under Brisbane Archbishop Phillip Aspinal became untenable.

Peter will pastor the new Southern Cross Anglican Church of Beenleigh and Logan.

Peter says his decision to leave the South East Queensland diocese, where he had pastored St George’s Beenleigh for six and a half years, was provoked by the national bishops’ failure to endorse biblical marriage and Archbishop Aspinall’s presidential address at the synod in Brisbane. 

Archbishop Aspinall’s address was described by one of his ministers as ‘hurtful, hypocritical and hateful’.  https://bit.ly/3dAVHuJ

Peter Palmer had served the Bush Church Aid society for 16 years, having been involved in indigenous ministries in Wyndem WA, church and mining ministry in Coober Pedy, SA and FIFO chaplaincy to mines.