The Church of England and the CCC&TSPM held a video conference on July 29.

The two sides shared their recent respective developments in church ministries, looking forward to exchanging visits after the COVID-19 pandemic, CCC&TSPM reported. 

David Urquhart, Bishop of Birmingham and Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy to China, said that the Church of England would as always support the Three-Self Principles of the Chinese Church, maintain and develop a bilaterally friendly relationship. He also discussed the ongoing Lambert conference, which focuses on issues such as poverty, climate change, and world sustainable development.

Rev. Shen Xuebin, vice president of the Chinese Christian Council, stressed the shared responsibility of continuing to keep the traditional friendship and playing a role in promoting exchanges. With the introduction of the key ministries currently carried out in Chinese Churches, he showed his appreciation of the relevant topics discussed in the  Lambert meeting, wishing a complete success for the session. And he hoped both parties would pray for each other and return to face-to-face communication soon after the pandemic.