Sudanese Arabs raid South Sudan, killing 32 Christian Dinka tribesman


The South Sudan government has closed the border with the Sudan in Bahr el Ghazal state after Sudanese Arabs crossed the border and raided the Christian town of Yin Pabol, killing 28 and burning 57 houses.

The Rt. Rev. Joseph Mamer Manot, Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Aweil told the Barnabas Fund the attack had caused “mass displacement”, adding that “the humanitarian situation is alarming as food and other goods were reduced to ashes, leaving the survivors homeless, no food and no clean water.”

On 4 January 2022 Massiriya Arabs crossed the border into South Sudan in Aweil East County, setting fire to villages, stealing cattle and taking captives. The Massiriya are nomadic Sunni Muslim who live in Western Sudan’s Darfur province. Their traditional enemies are the African Dinka tribesmen, who are farmers and are now Christians

The government of Bahr el Ghazal province has ordered all county commissioners in to the state to send aid to Yinh Pabol. The Episcopal Diocese of Aweil, supported by Christian Solidarity International and other aid groups, has also stepped in to assist those left homeless and destitute by the raid.