Save the Parish launches the Parish Pack

Save The Parish has launched a ‘Parish Pack’- a collection of advice and resources for parishes looking to strengthen their position against the Diocesan/central Church machine.
It is based on our committee’s experiences of being contacted by parishes that face an uncertain future such as a merger, or even closure.  We recommend that you read it even if you are not under threat.  You may need to know, for example, how to protect legacies, by putting them out of reach of the diocese.  
It takes the form of advice to incumbents, churchwardens, PCC members, congregations and parish residents.
Parishes can feel very alone. We welcome suggestions for additional material that might be helpful to others. If you have experience in your parish of being under pressure from your diocese, or perhaps a story of triumph in resisting pressure, then please share your story, by posting it on the Save The Parish website. Quite a few stories have already been shared. You can post your story anonymously if you wish. Instructions on how to add your story are here.

Please note that the Parish Pack does not constitute formal legal or accounting advice, which should be sought where necessary.
We very much hope you find the Parish Pack helpful, as we work together to persuade the Church to re-resource the parishes, putting ‘Front Line First’.  
James Burnell-Nugent
Head of Research
On behalf of Save The Parish