Statement from JAFC Bishop Derek Jones affirming the jurisdiction’s two-province status


A Press Statement From Bishop Derek Jones July 30, 2021

“The JAFC is a Diocese of the Church of Nigeria. The JAFC is fully integrated and part of ACNA as a Diocesan-like “Special Jurisdiction” under Canon 11. It has been that way since 2014 and the Church of Nigeria and ACNA are fine with this arrangement – end of story. There is no controversy, there is no confusion, there is no battle or fighting over the JAFC between the provinces. At the same time, the dual status of the JAFC is not sustainable long-term. We have been, and are continuing, cooperative work to determine the best way for the JAFC to continue to serve the church in North America.”

The Right Reverend Derek LS Jones Bishop of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy.