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Church of Sweden Abroad launches worship app

London, May 2021 –The Church of Sweden Abroad has announced the launch of its mobile app, created in conjunction with Degree 53 and ConsultMyApp. Produced in response to the pandemic, the app is enabling members of the congregation to forge deeper religious connections with likeminded communities around the world.

Over the past year, religious groups have been forced to modify their communication, often resorting to Zoom services and large mailing lists. The launch of The Church of Sweden’s app provides a savvy digital alternative and capitalises on the rise of the mobile app market during the pandemic. 

The new app is already keeping the church’s congregation informed on the latest news and events, and can be used to make donations, and access live and on-demand video services.

By leaping forward into the digital age, the church also hopes to develop connections with younger members of the congregation and stay connected with elderly members who, in the post-Covid era, can no longer travel to services. It will also prove beneficial in regions where the Church does not have a physical presence.

Produced by Degree 53, the app has been created in partnership with the leading mobile marketing agency, ConsultMyApp. Drawing on their expertise, ConsultMyApp have optimized the app to increase visibility, drive installs, retain users and provide a positive end user experience. It is currently available on native iOS and Android for congregations in London, The Netherlands and US.

Rickard Jönsson, Director at The Church of Sweden Abroad, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for us to support our congregations in building engagement and provide them with a tool that really can bring their communities and members together. This app will be a key for many of our members to maintain a connection with their congregations, regardless of their location. Using this technology will help congregations to maintain and build on the member engagement especially in the current climate with a global pandemic. There are lots of great features available and we really hope that many will enjoy using the app.”

Mike Rhodes, Founding Director and CEO of ConsultMyApp, commented: “I’m delighted that we were able to work on this ground-breaking project from inception through to launch and well into the growth phases. Our three teams of User Acquisition, App Store Optimization and CRM have worked tirelessly, alongside Degree 53, to ensure the finished product achieves strong adoption and engagement. This app represents the future of worship and, together with Degree 53, it has been brilliant to deliver a platform that allows the church to flourish in the digital space.”

Richard Wagstaff, Managing Director at Degree 53: “Our team were very excited about designing and building an app in a new sector for us. We presented lots of ideas to engage the entire community and refined these with the help of the Church of Sweden Abroad stakeholders. I think, together with the Church of Sweden Abroad and ConsultMyApp, we’ve created something very engaging which will pave the way for other similar apps in the future. We see more demand for mobile apps to help organisations deliver products and services remotely. Mobile use is higher than ever, so it’s important to continue to innovate and offer modern ways of interaction. I look forward to the rollout of this app across global communities and our ongoing partnership with the Church of Sweden Abroad.”

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