Former bishop of Albany resigns orders


A letter published today by the Diocese of Albany

Dearest Friends in Christ,

Last week (via Zoom in our C-19 world) I met with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and advised him that effective the week after Easter I was resigning from the House of Bishops and the ministry of the church.

He asked me if it was because of the direction of the church and I affirmed it was.

This is without any anger or animosity, only sadness on the parting of friends. 2021 marks fifty years of ordination. I am very grateful to Christ Jesus for the high privilege of serving Him and the Diocese of Albany, whose clergy and people I cherish in my heart. Carol and I are deeply appreciative of the years of laboring alongside all of you.

We pray that in the end we shall all be gathered around His throne, there to be friends for eternity in the communion of saints.

In the Risen and Returning Lord,

+ Daniel W. Herzog, Albany VIII