Archbishop Akrofi appointed to Ghana’s Council of State


The former Archbishop of West Africa, the Most Rev. Justice Akrofi, has been appointed to the Council of State of Ghana by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

A 29 January 2021 government press statement said the president had named eleven people, including Archbishop Akrofi, to the Council of State. In addition to the eleven appointees, the former Chief Justice, the former Chief of the Defence Staff, and the former Inspector General of Police were added to the council as well the president of the National House of Chiefs — Ghana’s hereditary nobility.

Article 91(1) of the Constitution enumerates its powers. “The Council is required to consider and advise the President or any other authority in respect of any appointment which is required by the Constitution or any other law to be made in accordance with the advice of, or in consultation with the Council of State.”

Archbishop Akrofi was consecrated Bishop of Accra in 1996 and elected Archbishop of West Africa in 2003, serving as primate until his retirement in 2012. Archbishop Akrofi was one the original GAFCON primates.