Ugandan bishops meet today to discuss the Ntagali affair


The Archbishop of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stephen Kaziimba briefed members of the Ugandan House of Bishops today on the scandal surrounding his predecessor as primate, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali.

The gathering of  bishops, which had already been scheduled before news of the scandal broke on 18 January 2021, was held at the Lweza Training and Conference Centre in Kampala.  On Wesdnesday Archbishop Kaziimba told reporters “we have a number of issues to discuss. The matter of the retired archbishop is part of the issues we are going to discuss.”

Archbishop Ntagali’s admission that he had committed adultery with the wife of a priest and his subsequent apology and statement of contrition released via twitter has caused uproar in Uganda, and also deep embarassment for many Anglicans.

Sources within the House of Bishops said some bishops were incensed their archbishop had made the news of Archbishop Ntagali’s shame public, while others were angery that they were caught off guard by the news after it appeared on Anglican Ink before it was reported in the Ugandan press. 

Archbishop Kaziimba’s handling of the adultery scandal has won him high praise from the church’s overseas partners for upholding Biblical standards of conduct for church leaders, as well as from members of the Church of Uganda.

Deliberations from today’s session have not been made public.