South Sudanese House of Bishops meets in Juba


The South Sudanese House of Bishops met at All Saints in Cathedral in Juba at the end of November, sources in the church tell Anglican Ink. The bishops dedicated the Archbishop Ngalamu Chapel at Bishop Gwynne College on 28 Nov 2020, and discussed internal church issues surrounding the on-going unrest in the country. The joint letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Pope Francis and South Sudanese church leaders was welcomed as were strategies for peace building across the nation. Tribal wars and rebellions have plagued South Sudan since its independence in 2011 and tensions between the two largest tribes, the Dinka and Nuer, have in the past found their way into the church. Sources tell AI the November 27-29 meeting sought to offer the church as a model of dialogue and forbearance for the larger nation.