Word of encouragement in the COVID-19 crisis from the bishop of North Mbale


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the Clergy and Lay. 

Praise our risen Lord Jesus Christ.

To some of us, this might be the hardest part of our Ministry, but to me, it is the most enriching time of my Ministry as a Team Leader in North Mbale Diocese to have enough time to be in the presence of God, to intercede for the flock and to confess my failures to God with a deepest sense of guilt. 

Some of us may measure our faithfulness to God by how many tasks we get done for Him or how many meetings we attend to plan for His kingdom work.

As glad as God is for our service, He is even more pleased when we give Him our attention and friendship.

The situation we are in calls for ENDURING FAITH. Let us learn how to move, live and pray at the pace of grace and trust Jesus in whom we find our sustaining strength, because, sometimes, hurry rushes towards the destination and fails to enjoy the journey.

As our Diocesan theme for this year 2020 says: (….. THE GOD OF HEAVEN WILL GIVE US SUCCESS …. Nehemiah:2:20), our God will see us through this COVID-19 situation.

Keep safe, stay blessed as you share Christ’s love with others and as we pray for the healing of the nations.

Rt Rev Samuel Gidudu