Bishop Wood discharged from hospital


The Diocese of the Carolinas reports the Rt. Rev. Stephen Wood has been released from the East Cooper Medical Center in Mt Pleasant today, and is recuperating at home following his hospitalization for the COVID-19 virus. On 3 April 2020 the diocese stated on Facebook: “Bishop Steve Wood has been discharged from hospital and is now resting at home. He will continue to recover there.”

Two weeks ago Bishop Wood was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator and in isolation at East Cooper Medical Center in Mt Pleasant.

The parish website reported the Rev. Anthony Kowbeidu, St. Andrew’s associate rector for missions, had also tested positive for COVID-19 but was showing no symptoms of the illness. A third member of staff, the Rev. Randy Forrester, had also been tested for the virus.

Bishop Wood and Mr. Forrester self-isolated themselves after becoming ill. Mr. Kowbeidu attended services on 14 March 2020 as he was not showing signs of the disease, but passed out briefly during worship and was taken to the hospital.