Ugandan bishop claims his critics want to kill him


The Bishop of Kinkiizi told the congregation at St Peter’s Cathedral in Nyakatare that his critics in the diocese were plotting his death. The Ugandan news service PML Daily reported that in his Christmas Day homily “Bishop Zoreka said it was by the Grace of God that he was still alive because people who are scrambling for his office wanted to kill him.”

“Jesus Christ is a savior and Christians need the right of Jesus, as most Christians are covered with darkness,” he said, accordingly to PML.

The bishop’s Christmas claim comes amidst accusations of misconduct leveled against the him by lay leaders in the diocese and disquiet amongst the clergy, who it is claimed have not been paid for almost a year. Consecrated in 2010, the bishop is accused by his critics of seeking to enrich himself and his allies, and to select a pliant successor. The bishop has not responded to the accusations of misconduct published by the Ugandan press so far.

On 10 Nov 2019 the Command 1 Post news website in Uganda reported that aides of Bishop Zoreka had attempted to frame the Ven. Justus Tibesigwa the archdeacon of Kihihi. It is alleged that the bishops men approached Archdeacon Tibesigwa’s maid and bribed her to claim falsely that her employer had poison in his home that was to be used to kill the bishop. However, when interrogated by police the maid admitted she had been paid to make the false claim. Command 1 Post reported the Kanungu Central Police are investigating the claim — which has not been independently verified by Anglican Ink.

In petitions dated 28 Nov and 2 Dec 2019 filed by members of the diocese the bishop was accused of financial misconduct. One petition is alleged to have stated: “I have information that the Clergy have spent 5.6 months without being paid their salaries and the Clergy used to be paid from their respective parishes and their salaries were regularly paid. However the Bishop, the Diocesan Secretary, and the Treasurer came up with a policy that all money collected should be taken to the treasurer and when they go to the said Treasurer, they are abused and harassed.”