Truro rector resigns

A letter from the wardens and vestry of Truro Parish


6 December 2019
Dear Truro Family & Friends,
Following on from last week’s announcement of Tory’s departure we have further information to share with you. 

Tory Baucum has submitted his resignation as Rector of Truro Anglican Church and has also renounced (resigned) his ordained ministry in the ACNA (Anglican Church of North America). Tory and Elizabeth intend to be received into the Roman Catholic Church sometime next year.
Concurrently, members of Truro’s staff have alleged grievances against Tory, the seriousness of which is such that (1) the vestry is conducting a formal investigation by an independent party to determine what occurred, and (2) the inquiry will take some time to complete. Tory has agreed to participate.
The parish meeting previously announced has been postponed.

The Wardens and Vestry of Truro Anglican Church

The vestry welcomes your questions. Please send them to the registrar, Betsy Perryman, at
We ask for your prayers for Tory and his family, our staff, the wardens and the vestry, and all our congregation at this time.The Wardens and Vestry of Truro Anglican Church