Letter to the Times on political party pledges for abortion on demand

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28 Nov 2019


The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats have, in their manifestos, proposed the decriminalisation of abortion. This would remove all sanctions in criminal law for those who perform abortions outside the limits set by the Abortion Act 1967. These changes would amount to a declaration that a foetus was no longer a human being, worthy of the same protections against deliberate harm and termination of life. In light of the Church of England’s own teaching that “the foetus is a human life with the potential to develop relationships, think, pray, choose and love” and that the church “would like to see a drastic reduction in the number of abortions carried out and stricter interpretation of abortion law”, we write, as members of the Church of England, lay and ordained, female and male, to express our sincere concerns about these proposals, and to call on the bishops of the church to do all they can to speak out against them.

The Rev Dr Philip Murray, Assistant Curate, St Peter’s, Stockton-on-Tees, and St John’s, Elton; The Rev Dr Ian Paul, Associate Minister, St Nic’s Nottingham; member Archbishops’ Council; member of General Synod; The Rev Imogen Black, Priest-in-Charge, St Thomas, Somercotes; The Rev Dr Lee Gatiss, Director of Church Society; Miss Prudence Dailey, Member of General Synod, Diocese of Oxford; Dr Adrian Hilton, Lecturer in Politics, Philosophy and Theology; Editor of the Archbishop Cranmer blog; Fr Damian Feeney, Parish Priest, Holy Trinity Ettingshall and St Martin’s Wolverhampton, Catholic Missioner, Diocese of Lichfield and Member of General Synod; The Rev Alice Whalley, Vicar, St John the Evangelist, Brownswood Park; Dr Phillip Blond, Director, ResPublica; The Rev Russell Dewhurst, Vicar of Ewell; Fr Thomas Seville CR, Member of the Faith and Order Commission and General Synod; The Rev Canon Dr Daniel Inman, Canon Chancellor, Chichester Cathedral; Dr Lindsay Newcombe, Lay Vice-Chairman of Forward in Faith; Member of the General Synod; The Rev Liam Beadle, Parish Priest, St Chad, Toller Lane, Bradford; Mrs Clare Williams, youth worker; The Rev William Taylor, Rector, St Helen Bishopsgate, London; The Rev Yaroslav Sky Walker, Assistant Curate, St Martin of Tours, Ruislip; The Rev Dr Harri Williams, Priest in Charge of the Benefice of Walsingham, Houghton and the Barshams; The Rev Angus Beattie, Assistant Curate, St Mary’s, South Ruislip; Mr Samuel John Margrave, Member of the General Synod of the Church of England and Former Labour Councillor; Mrs Hannah Phillips, Layperson, London Diocese; Mr Daniel Heaton, Ordinand, St Stephen’s House ; Miss Emma Bourne, Pastoral Assistant, Group of the Annunciation, Sunderland; The Reverend Lee Clark, Priest in Charge, St Philip the Apostle South Tottenham ; Mr Benjamin O’Neill, formerly Intern of Christ Church Vienna, Diocese in Europe; The Rev Canon David Burrows SSC, Rector of St Mary’s and All Saints, Elland; The Rev Dr Martin Thomas, Team Rector, Catford (Southend) and Downham; Ms Amy Pether, Laywoman, St Martin of Tours, Ruislip; The Rev Richard Magrath, Assistant Curate, St Mary-at-Finchley; Mr Matthew Austen, Ordinand, St Stephen’s House, Oxford; The Rev Ash Carter, Rector, St Andrew’s Kirk Ella and St Luke’s Willerby; The Rev Janet Turville, Team Rector, Beacon Benefice Gloucester Diocese; The Rev Matthew Cashmore, Assistant Curate, St Mary-The-Virgin, Kenton; The Rev Christopher Phillips, Vicar, St Mary’s, Willesden ; The Rev Sam Norton, Vicar, Parkend and Viney Hill, Forest of Dean; The Rev Tom Lilley, Chaplain to Canon Slade School; The Rev Carol Smart, PTO, Isle of Wight ; The Rev Gregory A. Lipovsky, Vicar, St Paul’s Weymouth; Ms Elizabeth Tremble-Niccolls, Ordinand; The Rev Andrew Wilkes, Rector of Selsey; The Rev Jamie Franklin, Curate, St George in the Meadows; The Rev James Mather, Rector of Downham Market; The Rev Dr Robert Mackley, Vicar, Little St Mary’s, Cambridge; The Rev Philip Barnes, Priest in Charge, St Stephen’s Gloucester Road; Fr Edward J. Lewis, Vicar, St Mary’s, Kenton; The Rev William Pearson-Gee, Rector of Buckingham; The Rev Paul Eddy, Vicar of Stanford in the Vale with Goosey & Hatford; Mr Terry Martin, worshipper at Highfield Church, Southampton; Mr Thomas Hatton, Member of General Synod, House of Laity, Diocese of Southwark; The Rev Tom Watts, Senior Minister, St John’s Downshire Hill, Hampstead; The Rev Canon Alan Strange, Chaplain of Christ Church, Amsterdam (Diocese in Europe); Mrs Jill Gratton, PCC member, St Giles’ Church Normanton by Derby; Dr Callum Miller, medical doctor; Research Associate in Ethics, University of Oxford; Research Associate, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics; Dr Peter M. Head, New Testament Tutor, Wycliffe Hall; The Rev Phill Sacre, PTO, Chelmsford Diocese; Miss Claire Russell, Lay Reader, St John the Baptist, South Leamington; The Rev Edward Green, Vicar, All Saints Leavesden, Watford; The Rev S. McNally-Cross, Vicar, St Thomas Kensal Town, London; The Rev Br Joseph Emmanuel SSF ; The Rt Rev John Goddard, Retired Bishop of Burnley; The Rev David Baker, Rector, East Dean with Friston and Jevington; Ms Alison Wynne, worshipper at St John’s, Whittle-le-Woods, Blackburn Diocese; Dr Max Baker-Hytch, Tutor in Philosophy, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford; The Rev Marcus Walker, Rector, Great St Bartholomew, West Smithfield; Mrs Anne Evans, worshipper at St John’s Church, Knutsford and retired midwife; The Rev Blair Radford, Assistant Curate, St Paul the Apostle, Monk Bretton; The Rev Richard Bastable, Vicar, St Luke’s Uxbridge Road (London); Mr Peter Dutton, Director of Music, S. Silas Kentish Town (London); Mrs Veronica Heald, layperson at St Mary’s, Wellingborough; former member of General Synod; Mr Calvin Robinson, PCC Children’s Champion, St Mary Brookfield, Edmonton; Mr Calum Robson, Layperson, Truro Diocese ; Mrs Gabrielle N. Baalke, Layperson, Stanton-in-Peak, Matlock, Derbyshire; Mr Andrew Sabisky, Layman, Oxford Diocese ; The Reverend John Hanks, Assistant Curate, All Saints, North Street, York; Mr David Norman, Layperson, All Saints’, Pavement, York; The Rev Jonathan Bish, Associate Priest, Benefice of North Wakefield; The Rev Teresa Wynne SCP, Team Vicar, Christ Church, Waltham Cross; Mr Andrew Williams, Member House of Laity of the General Synod for the Diocese of Coventry; The Rev Dexter Bracey, Rector, St John’s, Coventry; Mr William Cremin, PCC Member, St Giles’ Church, Normanton by Derby ; Mrs Jenny Rees, Associate Minister for Women, All Saints Church, Crowborough; Mr Jack Allen, PA, St Pancras’ Old Church; The Rev Canon Paul Noble, Vicar, Lincoln, All Saints; The Rev Fr John Xavier Leal SSC, Rector, St Michael’s Coppenhall; Mr David Badshah, Pastoral Assistant, Holy Trinity Stroud Green; Mrs E. Mary Speight, PCC member, St Chad, Toller Lane Bradford; The Rev Thomas Pountain, Assistant Curate, St Lukes, Hampstead; Miss Yvonne Selby, PCC Member, St Giles, Normanton by Derby; The Rev Rory Graham, Associate Vicar, Hailsham Parish Church, East Sussex; The Rev Stephen Heard, retired curate and bishop’s chaplain, London; The Rev Rich Phillips, Vicar, St Aidan’s Church (Hull); Fr Stephen Edmonds, Vicar of Edlington & Hexthorpe; Fr Grant Lambert Naylor, Vicar St Matthew’s Carver Street Sheffield. Mission Development Advisor, Diocese of Sheffield; The Rev Peter Ould, PTO, Diocese of Canterbury; The Rev Isaac Pain, Curate, St Andrew’s Burgess Hill, West Sussex; The Rev Tom Brown, Assistant Curate, St Thomas’ Church, Kilnhurst; The Rev Thomas Pelham, Assistant. Curate, Church of the Transfiguration, Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks; The Rev Carl Chambers, Vicar of St Michael and All Angels, Wilmington; The Rev David Whale, Priest in Charge, Chenies Benefice; The Rev Jonathan Bell, Minister of Grace Church Highlands, Diocese of London; The Rev Matthew Smith, Assistant Curate, St Peter’s, Weston Favel; The Rev Adam Young, Associate Minister, All Saints’ Church, North Ferriby; Fr Christopher Johnson SSC, Vicar, St Peter and St Leonard, Horbury, with St John, Horbury Bridge; The Rev Neil Barber, Vicar, St Giles’ Church, Normanton by Derby; The Rev James Paice, Vicar, St Luke’s Wimbledon Park; The Rev Nigel Atkinson, Vicar, St John’s Knutsford; Fr Peter Edwards, Rector of Bathwick ; The Rev Simon Butler, Rector of the North Hampshire Downs Benefice, Diocese of Winchester; Mr Raymond Kilgour, PCC Member, St Giles’ Church Normanton by Derby; Fr Neil Dominic Bryson SSC, Associate Vicar, St Michael and All Angels’, Maidstone; The Rev Richard Norman SSC, Vicar, St George, Bickley, Diocese of Rochester; Mr Giles Shorrock, worshipper, St John’s Knutsford; The Rev Martin Ennis SSC, Vicar of Tividale, Rural Dean of Wednesbury; The Rev Stuart Kimber, Retired with PTO, Diocese of Birmingham; The Rev Ian Fletcher, Vicar, Eastleigh Parish Church; The Rev Dr Jason David Ward, Vicar, St Mary’s Chaddesden, Chaddesden, Derby; The Rev Tim Chapman, Minister, Christ Church South Cambs, Sawston; The Rev Carl Schaefer SSC, Vicar, Parish of Goldthorpe and Hickleton; The Rev Ross Northing, Rector of Stony Stratford with Calverton; Fr Martin Hislop, Vicar, St Luke’s, Kingston upon Thames; Mr James Godwin, Church Warden, St Giles’ Church Normanton by Derby; Mr David Warren, Churchwarden, St James the Great, Darlington; The Rev Paul Bennett, PTO, Diocese of Ely; The Rev Rory Graham, Associate Vicar, Hailsham Parish Church; The Rev Ian Chidlow, Curate, St Mary’s Cheadle; The Reverend Pam Davies, Rector, Parish of Sundridge with Ide Hill and Toys Hill ; The Rev John Paul Hoskins, Priest in Charge of Winchcombe; Fr Richard Brown SSC, Parish Priest, Holy Cross, Marsh Farm; Bishop of Richborough’s representative in the Diocese of St Albans; The Rev Richard Trethewey, Rector of St Peter’s, Glenfield, and All Saints’, Newtown Linford; The Rev Canon Andrew Stevens, St Nicholas, Plumstead; Fr Ron Farrell, Parish Priest, St Francis of Assisi, Friar Park; The Rev Pete Jackson, Vicar, St Andrew’s, Kendray; The Rev Andy Bawtree, Priest-in-Charge, River Parish Church, River, Kent; Mr Sam Sudell, Church Apprentice, St Ebbe’s Headington; The Rev Toby Artis, Assistant Curate, Chipping Norton Benefice; The Rev G. Lunn SSC, Associate Vicar, St James with St Michael and St Augustine, Beckenham; Mr David Horrocks, Associate Minister, St James’, Barkham; The Rev Aled Seago, Curate, Poynton Parish; The Rev Dave Brown, Rector, St Nicholas Stevenage and St Mary Graveley; The Rev Christopher Green, Vicar, St James, Muswell Hill; Miss Margaret Parrett, lay member, Christ Church Chadderton (Manchester Diocese); The Rev Crispin Pemberton. Rector, Stow Caple benefice, Hereford Diocese; Mr Stephen Miller, Pastoral Assistant, St Michael’s, Croydon; The Rev Dr Jon Taylor, Vicar of St Bartholomew’s, Binley, Coventry; The Rev Peter Matthew, Senior Minister, Windsor Fellowship Church, PTO Oxford Diocese; The Rev Fr David Addington, PTO, Diocese of Ely; Mrs Vivienne Goddard, Member of General Synod; The Rev Canon Nicolas Spicer SSC, Vicar, Worksop Priory; Mr Joseph Diwakar; member Archbishops’ Council; member General Synod; Fr Christopher Rogers, Assistant Curate, The Church of St John the Baptist Catford and Downham Team Ministry; The Rev Mark O’Donoghue, Vicar, Christ Church Kensington & Area Dean of Kensington ; The Reverend Fr Paul Kinsey, Swanton Abbott, Norfolk; Mrs Barbara Varley, Churchwarden, St Mary’s, Horden, Diocese of Durham; The Rev Canon Gary Ecclestone SSC, Vicar of Hanslope & Castlethorpe, Area Dean of Newport; The Rev Philip Bevan, Retired Priest with PTO, Diocese of London; Fr Stuart King SSC, Parish Priest of Ashford and Stanwell, Diocese of London; Miss Debbie Woods, worshipper, St John’s Knutsford; Member of General Synod; Mr Steve Short, Ordinand, St Paul’s Banbury; Mr Paul Corrigan, Worshipper, St Gabriel’s Church, Heaton. Newcastle upon Tyne Diocese; The Rev Gavin Rushton. Priest in Charge Oxclose Church, Washington; Ms Miriam Forbes, parishioner, St Andrew’s, Witham on the Hill; Mr Stephen Parkinson, Churchwarden, St Mary & All Saints, Little Walsingham; The Rev’d Ben Eadon CMP, Vicar of St Symphorian’s Church, Durrington ; Mr Michael Hayden, Ordinand, Oak Hill College; The Rev Edward Martin SSC, Vicar of Edenham, Witham on the Hill and Swinstead; Chris Gill, Lay Chair, Newcastle-under-Lyme Deanery Synod; Member of General Synod; Mrs Sarah Barber, worshipper, St Giles’ Church, Normanton by Derby; The Rev Canon Mark Gilbert SSC, Rural Dean of Petworth, Rector of St Mary the Virgin Petworth and St Bartholomew Egdean ; The Rev Thomas Crowley, Assistant Curate, St Saviour’s Eastbourne; The Rev Rob Oram, Curate, Holmer Parish Church; The Reverend Adam Charles Wogan SSC, Vicar, St Mary the Virgin, East Grinstead ; The Rev Jonny Wei Sing Lee, Assistant Curate, St. Andrew’s, Ashton-on-Ribble; The Rev Paul Greenland, Vicar, St Andrew’s Chelmsford; Miss Debbie Buggs, London, Member of the house of Laity, General Synod.; Fr Edward Backhouse, Curate, Trent and Derwent Parishes; The Rev John Telford, Associate Minister, Anlaby Churches, York Diocese; The Rev Dr Peter Waddell, Vicar of Abbots Langley and Bedmond, Diocese of St Albans; Fr Nicholas Wheeler SSC, Rector of St Mary the Virgin Hayes; The Rev Edward Morrison SSC, Parish Priest, St John the Baptist, Mexborough ; Mr Daniel Brown, worshipper at St Mary’s, Ely; The Rev Matthew Firth, Priest in Charge of St Cuthbert’s and Holy Trinity, Darlington, Diocese of Durham; Mr Frank Franklin, LLM at St Katherine Westway & Health Care Chaplain; The Rev Dr Jason Clarke, PTO, Diocese of Sheffield; The Rev Jim Charles, Vicar, St Peter Bexleyheath, Diocese of Rochester; Mr Michael Dixon, Ordinand at St Stephen’s House; Mr John White, Member of the PCC, St Paul’s, Knightsbridge; The Rev Henry Curran, Vicar, St Mary’s Wollaton Park; Member of General Synod; The Rev Tim Edwards, Rector, Knockholt with Halstead, Rochester Diocese; The Rev Canon Terry Steele, Burgh-le-Marsh, Skegness; The Rev David Nicholson SSC, Vicar of Cudworth, Chaplain to HM The Queen; The Rev Joel Barder, Vicar of Carew, Cosheston, Nash and Redberth, St David’s Diocese (Church in Wales); The Rev Ian Edgar, Assistant Curate, St Symphorian’s, Durrington; St Andrew’s, West Tarring and St Richard’s, Maybridge ; The Rev Dr Nigel Griffiths, Associate Vicar, St Mary Magdalene, Reigate, Southwark Diocese; The Rev Rick Stordy, Vicar, St. John the Baptist Chapeltown; Mr William Belcher; Member of the General Synod; Mrs Josephine Parkinson, Layperson, St Mary & All Saints Little Walsingham; Fr Mark Lyon, Rector of St Andrew, West Tarring and St Richard, Maybridge; The Rev Mark Dunstan, Rector of the United Benefice of Hunsdon with Widford and Wareside ; The Rev Ian McCormack, Priest in Charge, St George in the Meadows, Nottingham; Mr Andrew Hawkins, layperson, Diocese of Exeter; The Rev Stephen Trott, Rector of Pitsford with Boughton; Rural Dean of Brixworth; Member of General Synod ; The Rev Andrew Blyth, Team Rector, Trinity Cheltenham; The Rev Dr Daniel Newman, Rector-designate, The Sherbornes with Pamber; The Rev Dr Gavin McGrath, Associate Rector, St Nicholas, Sevenoaks; The Rev Tim Horlock, Vicar of St Andrew’s Chorleywood; Mr Christopher Daubney, Lay Person, Lincoln Diocese; Miss Emma Forward, Lay Member of General Synod, Diocese of Exeter; The Rev Canon Alistair McHaffie, Vicar, The Parish of the Risen Lord, Preston; Area Dean of Preston; Member of General Synod; The Rev Peter H. Breckwoldt, Vicar of St John’s Wimborne, Member of General Synod ; Dr Andrew Bell, Churchwarden, St James’ Gerrards Cross; Member of General Synod; Mr Tristan Meares, Ordinand, St. Stephen’s House, Oxford; The Rev David Hildred, Rector, Darfield; The Rev Timothy Gage, Assistant Curate, Bishop Hannington Memorial Church, Hove, East Sussex; The Rev Roger Widdecombe, Team Vicar, Cheltenham Holy Trinity with St Paul; The Rev Paul Benfield, Registrar of the Diocese of Blackburn, Synodal Secretary of the Convocation of York; Cllr Richard Morgan, Member of General Synod; The Rev Nick Stott, PTO, Diocese of Gloucester; Mr David Hendrickse, Apprentice-Minister, St John’s, Houghton, and St. Peter’s, Kingmoor; Mrs Sarah Finch, Member of General Synod; The Rev John H Martin, retired Anglican priest, Cirencester; Mrs Andrea Williams, General Synod Member; Chief Executive of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre; The Rev Alistair Tresidder, Vicar of St Luke’s Hampstead; Mr Philip Cairns, Ordinand; The Rev Canon Richard Parker, Vicar of Hoyland, Diocese of Sheffield; Julia Cameron, member of Oxford Deanery Synod; Mr Tjeerd Bijl, Member of General Synod; The Rev Rob Bridgewater, Associate Minister, Christ Church Endcliffe, Sheffield; The Rev Glen Brooks, Rector of The Somerleyton Benefice; Fr Edward Mathias-Jones SSC, Vicar, St Hilda of Whitby, Grangetown, Middlesbrough; The Rev Paul Darlington, Vicar, Oswestry Holy Trinity; The Rev Stuart Evason, PTO, Diocese of Manchester ; The Rev Greg Prior, Vicar, All Saints & Holy Trinity, Wandsworth; Ms Mollie Clark, retired nurse and midwife, member of All Saints Church, Sidmouth; The Rev Dr C. K. W. Moore, Rector of Fownhope, Mordiford, Brockhampton and Woolhope with Checkley; The Rev Robin Weekes, Minister, Emmanuel Church Wimbledon; Mr Stephen Hogg, Member of General Synod ; The Rev Richard Bray, Rector, St Anne’s Limehouse; Mrs Julia Mathias-Jones, Layperson, St Hilda of Whitby, Grangetown, Middlesbrough; The Rev Gareth Dickinson, PTO, Diocese of Gloucester; The Rev James Oakley, Priest in Charge, Kemsing and Woodlands; The Rev Tim Grew, Team Vicar, Trinity Cheltenham; The Rev Stephen Wookey, Vicar of Moreton-in-Marsh; The Rev Stephen Walton, Chaplain, Christ Church Dusseldorf, Diocese in Europe; The Rev James Dudley-Smith, Rector of Yeovil with Kingston Pitney; Member of General Synod; Mr Graham Sopp, Layperson, St John the Baptist, Godalming, Surrey; The Rev Charles Dobbie, Vicar, Holy Trinity Lyonsdown; The Rev Andrew Silley, Pioneer Curate, St John the Baptist, Corby; The Rev Jon Tuckwell. Vicar, Christ Church Cockfosters, London; The Rev Simon Dowdy, Guild Vicar, St Botolph’s without Aldersgate, London; Mr Christopher Berkeley, Churchwarden, Emmanuel Church Wimbledon; The Rev Russell Stagg SSC, Vicar of Colgate and Roffey; Fr Andrew Birks, Assistant Curate at All Saints, Sidley & St Barnabas, Bexhill; The Very Rev Robert Key, Anglican Communion Lead for Thy Kingdom Come; Mr Charles Parker, Layman, Diocese of Manchester; The Rev James Terry, Vicar St Catherine’s, Tranmere; The Rev Steven Hanna, Chair of Chelmsford Anglican Bible Conference; Vicar of St.Elisabeth’s, Becontree; Mr Michael Tolmie, Member, Emmanuel Wimbledon; representative on Merton Deanery Synod; Mrs Karen Westhaver, Member of Oxford Deanery Synod; The Rev Dan Young, Associate Minister for St John the Evangelist, Toft; Mr W. Brooks,worshipper, St John’s Hensingham; The Rev Fr Aran P Beesley, Rector of Uffington Group; The Rev Fr Paul McClaren-Cook, Warden, Ascot Priory; The Rev Canon Martyn Taylor, Rector St George’s Stamford; The Rev Canon Howard Stoker, Rector of Holt with High Kelling In the Diocese of Norwich; Member of General Synod; The Rev Bill Wilson, Vicar, St Stephen’s South Lambeth, Diocese of Southwark; The Rev Tim Hiorns, Assistant Curate, All Saints Crowborough; Mrs Julie Whitehouse, PCC member, St Stephen the Martyr, Wolverhampton; Mr Tim Cox, Lay Reader, Preston Deanery; Vice-Chair, House of Laity, Blackburn Diocese; The Rev Tony Cannon, retired Vicar of St John’s Woking; The Rev Canon Sir George Newton, Vicar, Holy Trinity, Aldershot; Mr Stephen Boyall, Member of General Synod; Mrs Marian Brooks, Church Secretary, St John’s Church, Hensingham, Whitehaven; The Rev Edward Carr, Assistant Priest, St Alban the Martyr, Holborn; Ms Lorna Ashworth, worshipper at All Saints’ Church, Crowborough; Mr Brian O’Donoghue, London Diocesan Bishop’s Council; Mr Peter Andrews, worshipper at Holy Trinity, Salcombe; Mrs Suzy Andrews, worshipper at Holy Trinity, Salcombe; The Rev John Roberts, congregant, St George’s Church, Shrewsbury; The Rev Ben Thompson, Pioneer Minister, St David’s, Moreton-in-Marsh; Mrs Cara Rodger, Churchwarden, Emmanuel Church Tolworth; Fr Christopher Smith, Vicar, St Alban’s Holborn; Member of General Synod; Mr Alec Siantonas, Doctoral Student in Philosophy, Layman, Diocese of Leeds ; Mrs Clare N. Lees, layperson, Diocese of Bristol; Professor Graham Weale, Deputy Churchwarden, Anglican Church in Düsseldorf ; Patrice Amboule, member and lay preacher, Hope Church, Chesham, Diocese of Oxford; Mr Emmerson Walgrove, Chapter Chair, Company of Servers, Diocese of Leeds & PCC Member, St Chad, Toller Lane, Bradford; The Rev Lesley Currie, Associate Minister, All Saints’ Marple; Ms Kirsten Russell, member of All Souls, Langham Place; The Rev Jon Teasdale, Assistant Minister, Jesmond Parish Church; Mr Adam Farlow, Church Warden, St Luke’s, Hampstead; The Rev Richard Criddle, Curate, Holy Trinity Platt; Mrs Rosemary Lyon, Member of General Synod; The Rev Ian Bentley, Associate Minister, St David’s Moreton-in-Marsh; The Rev John Parker, Vicar of All Saints Wath upon Dearne; The Rev Peter Goodwin-Hudson, Evenlode Vale Benefice; Mrs Peter Goodwin-Hudson, Evenlode Vale Benefice; The Rev Barry Unwin, Priest in Charge, Upton-upon-Severn with the Hook, Hanley Castle with Hanley Swan and Welland, Earls croome with Hill Croome and Strensham, and Ripple; Ms Elizabeth Cox, Minister for Women and Community, St Giles’ Normanton-by-Derby; Mr Edward Armistead, PCC and Deanery Synod lay member, St John’s Yeovil; former member of General Synod; Mrs Caroline Armitstead, lay member, St John’s, Yeovil; Ms Joanna Monckton, member of Deanery Synod, former member of General Synod and Bishop’s Council; The Rev Andy Brewerton, Vicar of Kilnhurst; Miss Claire Lowe, parishioner, Oxford Diocese; The Rev Kieran Bush, Vicar, St John’s Walthamstow; The Rev James Cook, Retired Priest, Shanklin, Isle of Wight; Mr Andrew Day, Churchwarden, St Paul’s, Barton, Isle of Wight; The Rev Christopher Ash, retired priest; Writer-in-Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge; Miss Hannah Bailey-Evans, Parish Intern in the Diocese of London; Mr Tom Midgley, Student & Youth Worker, St Ebbe’s Headington, Oxford; Chris Fry, Member of General Synod ; The Rev Canon Giles Williams, Holy Trinity Cannes in the Diocese in Europe; Member of General Synod; The Rev Peter W. Gilroy, Team Vicar, The Binsey Mission Community, Cumbria; The Rev Adrian S. Graesser, retired priest, Cheltenham; The Rev Greg Price, Vicar, Tuxford Benefice; The Rev Christopher Anderton, Curate, Redeemer Blackburn; The Rev Andy Fearnley, Curate, Christ Church Fulwood; Mrs E. Day, worshiper, St Paul’s Church, Barton; The Rev Dr Aneirin Glyn, Guild Vicar, St Benet’s, Paul’s Wharf; The Rev Dr Simon Vibert, Christ Church Virginia Water; Fr Eric Lobsinger, Vicar, St Mary’s South Ruislip; Mr Bradley Smith, Member of General Synod; Mr Richard Mantle, Member of General Synod; Fr Stephen Dickinson SSC, Vicar of New Bentley & Arksey, Diocese of Sheffield; The Rev Priscilla Pearson, retired priest; The Rev Canon Angus MacLeay, Rector St Nicholas Sevenoaks, Rochester Diocese; member of General Synod; The Rev Clifford Swartz, PTO, Hereford Diocese; Mr Terry Harflett, worshipper, St Leonard’s Church, Exeter; Fr Mark McAulay SSC, Parish Priest & Vicar, the Parish of St Saviour & St Peter, Eastbourne ; Mr John Quinlan, St Paul’s Church, Barton, Newport, Isle of Wight]; Mrs Barbara Quinlan, St Paul’s Church, Barton, Newport, Isle of Wight; The Rev Dr Michael Brydon, Rector of Catsfield and Crowhurst, Diocese of Chichester; The Rev Andrew Symes, Executive Secretary, Anglican Mainstream; PTO, Diocese of Oxford; Mrs Penny McCoy, PCC member, St Paul’s Barton, Isle of Wight; Ms Jane Patterson, Member of General Synod, Diocese of Oxford; The Rev Mark Walley, Curate, St Barnabas Linthorpe, Middlesbrough; Mrs Anita Monk, lay member, St Paul’s Barton, Isle of Wight; The Rev Canon Victor Bullock, Vicar of St. Martin’s Church, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes; Mrs M. Harflett, worshipper at St Leonard’s Church, Exeter; The Rt Rev Kenneth Barham OBE, former Bishop of Cyangugu, Diocese of Rwanda; now worshipping in the Church of England; The Rev Chris Grundy, PTO, Guildford Diocese; The Rev Michael Bailey, Vicar of Sidle, Diocese of Chichester; The Rev Dr Tom Woolford, tutor in doctrine, All Saints’ Centre for Mission and Ministry; assistant curate, All Hallows’ Bispham, Diocese of Blackburn; The Rev John Armstrong, Rector of Wombwell, Sheffield Diocese; Dr Ros Clarke, Associate Director of Church Society; Mrs Gunilla Walton, Chaplain’s Wife, Düsseldorf, Germany (Diocese in Europe); Mr Robert Schwerdt, lay person, Holy Trinity, Old Hill; Ms Lydia Dyer, Women and Families’ worker, St Johns’ Walthamstow; Mr Richard Mantle, Member of General Synod; Miss Claire Tunks, lay member of St Helen’s, Bishopsgate; The Rev Jacob Harrison, Curate, Christ Church Chorleywood; Mr Peter Davies, PTO Guildford Diocese; The Rev David Middleton, Vicar, Holy Cross, Gleadless Valley Parish Church; The Rev Joel Edwards, Vicar, Dagenham Parish Church; The Rev Dr Jem Hovil, Associate Minister, St Bartholomew, Bath; The Rev Martijn Mugge, Vicar at St Peter’s Conisbrough with Clifton; The Rev Dr David McHardy SSC, Vicar of Meir Heath & Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent; The Rev Jason Lawrence Hewitt, Assistant Curate, St Mary the Virgin Barnsley & St Paul’s Old Town, St George’s, St Edward the Confessor and St Thomas the Apostle ; The Reverend Kevin Smith, Priest Administrator of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham; Ms Constance Eddy, Lay Reader at Holme Eden, Warwick-on-Eden, Carlisle; The Rev Dr Owen D. Edwards, Assistant Curate, St Paul’s, Kersal Moor, and St Andrew’s, Carr Clough; Robin Whitehouse, Member of General Synod & Wolverhampton Deanery Lay Chair; The Rev William Warren, Priest in Charge of Cromer; Ms Carolyn Ash, lay member of St Andrew the Great Church, Cambridge; Ms Mary Durlacher, member of General Synod; The Rev Peter Cunliffe, Vicar, Hemingford Grey; Brigadier Ian Dobbie, Member of General Synod; The Rev Peter Godden, Vicar of St John & St Luke, Clay Hill; Mr Andrew Cook, Youth worker, St Matthew’s Church, Cambridge; The Rev Canon Stephen Race, Incumbent of the Benefice of Central Barnsley and Area Dean of Barnsley, Diocese of Leeds; The Rev Canon David M, Hughes, Retired priest, Nottingham; Mr Joshua Migallos Ligan, worshipper at St Mary’s Church, South Ruislip; Ms Annabel Heywood, layperson, St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford; The Rev Preb. Robin Eastoe, Team Rector, Heavitree, Diocese of Exeter ; Mr Jeremy Harris, Member of General Synod, Diocese of Chester; Fr Andrew Howard, Vicar, St Wilfrid’s Cantley; Dr Philip Hiorns, retired GP, Lay Chair, Basingstoke Deanery; The Rev Steve Donald, Vicar of St John the Evangelist, Carlisle; Fr Dominic Austin Cawdell OGS, Curate in the Alyn Mission Area, Diocese of St Asaph (Church in Wales); The Rev Dr Adrian Furse SSC, Vicar, West Cemais LMA, St Davids Diocese (Church in Wales); The Rev Ben Rabjohns, Priest in Charge of The Parish of Penrhiwceiber, Matthewstown and Ynysboeth (Church in Wales); The Rev Canon Nigel Juckes, Priest in Charge, Llandogo Parish, Monmouth (Church in Wales); Fr Stephen Edwards, Priest in Charge, Llanilar w. Rhostie and Llangwyryfon w Llanfihangel Lledrod and Llanwnnws (Church in Wales); The Rev Trevor Johnston, Rector, All Saints’, Belfast (Church of Ireland)