Call for victims to come forward: Iwerne, Smyth & Fletcher


Anglican Ink and the secular press in the UK need your help. We have been working with reporters in the secular press to tell the story of victims of Jonathan Fletcher, John Smyth and the Iwerne circle. A good deal of background work and interviews have already been done.

First off — who is the “we” referenced above? It is Anglican Ink/Anglican Unscripted along with close colleagues among the clergy in England who have provided pastoral support to victims, and religion reporters in the mainstream media.

One of our clergy colleagues writes: “Three victims are now ready to release their stories into the national press. One of the most serious victims … is feeling he should withdraw from story unless another victim is also willing to share some of their own story of sexual abuse from [Jonathan Fletcher].”

He adds: “The stories can certainly be anonymous. We believe that there are hundreds of victims worldwide – many are unsure whether others have suffered as they have.”

Anglican Ink can second this point. We have found that the victims with whom we have spoken believed their experience was unique. It is also part of the psychology of abuse — guilt felt by the victim that they hold a degree of responsibility for what was done to them and that they are alone.

If you are a victim, or have knowledge on these issues you wish to share, please contact George Conger at

Your story will be passed on to the reporters working on this story. We will work with you. And please note — the motives and mission of Anglican Ink are not to be “first” or to be exclusive in telling this tale. It is to see that the truth is told and justice down.

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