The Challenge of Islamic Extremism


A Public Discussion
The Challenge of Islamic Extremism to Religious Freedom in
The Post-ISIS World

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
President, Oxford Center for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue
Former Anglican Bishop of Rochester
Prof. Habib Malik
Associate Professor of History & Cultural Studies, Lebanese American University

Dr. John Eibner
Chairman, Christian Solidarity International (CSI-USA)

2:00 – 3:00 pm, Thursday, July 18, 2019
National Press Club
First Amendment Lounge, 13th Floor, 529 14th Street NW
Washington D.C. 20045
(805) 777 7108.

Prof. Habib Malik
Dr. Habib C. Malik is an associate professor of history in the Department of Humanities at
the Lebanese American University, and a member of the Hoover Institution’s Working Group on Islamism and the International Order. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Modern European Intellectual History from Harvard University in 1985. Dr. Malik has lectured and written widely in both English and Arabic on topics that include the history of ideas, Kierkegaard, existentialism, human rights, the plight of native Middle Eastern Christian communities, Lebanon, democracy in the Arab world, inter-religious dialogue, America and the Middle East, and Christian faith in a secular world. He has published three books and numerous essays and scholarly articles on these and other subjects. Among them is Islamism and the Future of the Christians of the Middle East, Hoover Institution, 2010.
Malik also works to promote the intellectual and diplomatic legacy of his late father Charles
Malik – the principal author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – through
publishing his works in both English and Arabic and helping scholars research various
aspects of his legacy.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was the 106th Bishop of Rochester, for 15 years. Previously, he served as Bishop of Raiwind in Pakistan and as General Secretary of the Church Mission Society (CMS). He is originally from Southwest Asia and was the first Diocesan Bishop in the Church of England born abroad. Bishop Michael was a member of the House of Lords where he was active in a number of areas of national and international concern. He has both a Christian and a Muslim family background and is now President of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue (OXTRAD). Bishop Michael’s interests have led him to research and study comparative literature, comparative philosophy of religion and theology at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, and elsewhere. He is an Honorary Fellow of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. He was Senior Fellow of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He has been Visiting Professor of Theology and Religious Studies in the University of Greenwich and on the faculties of the London School of Theology (LST) affiliated to the Universities of Brunel and Middlesex, the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, the Alexandria School of Theology and the Lahore College of Theology. He is the author of thirteen books and of numerous articles on Mission, Ecumenism, the Anglican Communion, and relations with people of other faiths (particularly Islam).