AMiE statement in support of Bishop Andy Lines


The Trustees of the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) became aware in late 2018 that Bishop Andy Lines had been involved in an investigation by the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Andy Lines is a GAFCON missionary bishop for Europe, under the oversight of ACNA, and as such exercises caring oversight of AMiE churches. As well as seeking to support Andy, the Trustees immediately sought to satisfy themselves that all matters (including safeguarding) had been reported to the appropriate authorities.

Since then, it has become apparent that Andy had been a victim of abuse in the form of spiritual manipulation and control. The Trustees and Mission Director of AMiE have worked with the leadership of ACNA and GAFCON to care for Andy through what has been a traumatic and difficult period of counselling and recovery. As Andy has made clear, this recovery is ongoing. We fully support him in his gradual return to ministry, including his desire to care for victims of similar abuse.

In this matter AMiE’s primary concern and prayers are for Andy, his family, and other victims. We are also praying for the Emmanuel Wimbledon church family and others affected by recent news of abuse. We deplore all abuse in all its forms and we expect all AMiE churches to serve and support survivors of abuse.

When a situation like this arises there is a temptation to speculate or gossip about matters of which we may not know all the facts. The Christian response is to remember that all human leaders are flawed, and that God provides the only perfect leader, the Lord Jesus. So we turn to him in thanksgiving and prayer confident that Jesus will establish his kingdom.

AMiE Trustees (Paul Houghton, Richard Leadbeater, Brian O’Donoghue)

AMiE Mission Director (Lee McMunn)