Hong Kong archbishop calls for halt to pro-democracy protests

Archbishop Kwong calls for respect for the rule of law and for protestors to trust the Beijing controlled city government to be fair and just


Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Paul Kwong

11 June 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I understand that the purpose of the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019 is to plug the loopholes in our current legislation. However, this proposed amendment has caused heated debates and deep-seated uneasiness and worries that have resulted in violent conflicts thus dividing the society.

I appeal to all parties concerned – those who are against and those who are pro the amendment – to immediately calm down and to return to reasons in discussing how to resolve the dispute so as to avoid causing further chaos to the society. It is my hope that people from all sectors, especially young people, to express their demands through legal and legitimate channels and means, and not to resort to illegal means. Illegal means will harm not only those who resort to it, but also those who love them and their beloved, and the society as a whole.

I called on all Christians to pray for the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong and for a perfect resolution to the dispute.

+ Paul Kwong