A Story of Faithfulness from the Bayou

A Presbyterian/Anglican Church Merger

Here’s the incredible end of the story: A Presbyterian church merges with an Anglican church.

When I came to Lafayette, Louisiana to talk to the leadership of Trinity Anglican Church about strategy and mission, I only knew a few details of the remarkable work that God had been doing in and for these people. I left blown away by the imagination and faithfulness of God’s people.

A few years ago, Bob Ogle, then-pastor of a Presbyterian church, began praying with his church’s leaders that more young people would be drawn into their flock. They occupied a beautiful new building and had a committed core of members, but so far none of their efforts to attract young families seemed to stick.

After months of prayer, Bob met the Rev. Peter Johnson, the rector of a small Anglican church plant in the neighborhood. The two became fast friends and partners in ministry, as Peter’s church began renting the Presbyterian worship space on Sunday mornings for their services. This is nothing terribly new—churches have often used the same space out of need and convenience.

But then something amazing happened. Over time, the two churches began to draw together. Over a summer, they collapsed their two separate services into one shared service. God moved the hearts of the people together and with great humility and diligent prayer, the two churches agreed to become one—Trinity Anglican Church.

With the careful consideration and practical hurdles to overcome, the story seems straight out of the book of Acts. You have to see it to believe it. I’m so grateful for my time with these leaders, and I’m excited to share their story with you as an inspiration to church planters and co-laborers with Christ!

Reprinted from the Anglican Pastor

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