Boko Haram Kills Eight in Attack on IDP Camp in Nigeria

Islamist terror group attacked IDP camp on Wednesday night

Authorities in northeast Nigeria have confirmed that at least eight people have died after militants from Boko Haram attacked Dalori, a camp of displaced people late Wednesday night on October 31st, 2018.

While authorities claim that there are only eight dead, witnesses to the attack place the death rate at 13 people. Witnesses claimed that dozens of attackers overpowered the guards of Dalori camp and began attacking those inside the camp. Several were killed and many were injured.

Camp officials say that several women are still unaccounted for since the attack. The officials are fearful that the women have been abducted by the attackers.

Boko Haram, is a militant group of Islamic extremist known for attacking Christians in Nigeria, abducting women and children, and killing hundreds, all in efforts to establish strict Islamic rule.

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