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Corruption is killing Malawi, bishop says

Bishop Francis Kaulanda urges voters to elect honest leaders in 2019

Corruption is killing Malawi, the Bishop of Lake Malawi told reporters on Saturday at a ceremony marking the 157th anniversary of the Anglican Church in Malawi in Zomba.

In an interview with Malawi 24, the Rt. Rev. Francis Kaulanda, who serves as president of the counsel of the Anglican Church in Malawi, urged voters to elect a government in 2019 dedicated to transparency and fiscal integrity.

“Corruption is a disease and that we want a leader that should not entertain and tolerate nonsense. We need a leader who will not shield anybody suspected of corruption and any wrongdoing and not corrupt. Malawians wanta leader that will listen to the people and not being selfish. Leaders who will be able to fire his officials that will are connected to the vice and discourage nepotism,” he said.

Corruption Perceptions Index (2017) reported that over the preceding five years, public corruption had risen in Malawi, with the country earning a ranking of 31 — tied with Mali and Liberia in sub-Saharan Africa, and was ranked 122 out of 180 nations surveyed. The least corrupt nation in the study was New Zealand with a score of 89, the most corrupt was Somalia with a score of 8.

A country report on Malawi by Transparency International stated “Corruption poses a serious challenge in the development of Malawi. The country suffers from various types of corruption – from high level political corruption to petty bribery that impedes service delivery and patronage and nepotism that exacerbates inequality and poverty in Malawi society. Corruption is seen to be particularly severe in the police, registry and permit services, customs, and the judiciary. There are also reports of widespread corruption and extortion by public officials in procurement.”

Bishop Kaulanda said Malawi could learn from the experience of other African nations.

“[I]n other countries such as Tanzania, the President does not have friends to protect; if they mess up, he doesn’t favour anyone or shield. A President needs to be faithful and visionary not only favouring his home boys. We need a strong leader that will end the sickness …” he said.


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