Christian Concern asks for prayer for victim of human trafficking

Sarah “has been rescued from a horrendous 12-year ordeal at the hands of an Islamic grooming gang, and desperately needs your prayers.”

Please pray for protection for a precious young woman the Christian Legal Centre is supporting, named Sarah. She has been rescued from a horrendous 12-year ordeal at the hands of an Islamic grooming gang, and desperately needs your prayers.

Speaking recently to the Daily Mail, Sarah – not her real name – described the first time that she was raped by her attacker. “I was pulling back from him and I was scared,” she said. “I felt angry, dirty and disgusted after he had finished.”

This was only the first of a stream of unimaginable terrors. Kidnapped at age 15, over the course of 12 years Sarah was victim to numerous rapes and beatings, forced marriages and eight involuntary abortions – all at the hands of an Islamic sex grooming gang.

After being repeatedly raped, Sarah fell pregnant several times. However, her attackers simply took her to abortion clinics to ‘get rid of’ the babies.

“I wasn’t allowed to speak to doctors at medical appointments,” she said. “I had to walk 5ft behind him [her attacker], keep my head down and wear a hijab.”

On one occasion, the abortion drugs Sarah was given didn’t work and she was rushed into surgery at an NHS hospital. Sarah said she was “begging for help. One nurse ran from the room and said she couldn’t take it anymore.” She remains unsure if the child was a boy or a girl, as the baby was taken away before she could see.

How could all of this take place to an underage girl in the modern NHS?

She tried several attempts to escape, but each time she was brought back by the gang and beaten.

On another occasion, she was able to speak to the police, however a Muslim police officer turned off the tape recorder during the interview and told her to drop the charges against one of her attackers due to ‘lack of evidence’.

Frightened, Sarah did so. “The police officer came from the same community as the gang and has since been imprisoned for child sex crimes himself,” she explained.

But, how could this level of corruption be allowed to take place in our police service?

Baroness Caroline Cox, who has taken up her case, has described this as “the most serious example of sex grooming yet to emerge in this country”. But the terrifying truth is that it is just the tip of the iceberg.

For too long, Islamic sex grooming gangs have been allowed to get away with far too much. The Church has a responsibility to stand up to injustice and speak the truth of the gospel in public life – through Christ, we do have the power to put injustices right.

Andrea Williams, of the Christian Legal Centre, commented: “One of the best messages that we can bring to people today is that God loves justice, and that He loves to heal and restore. But unless we speak up as a Church, then it will be hard to see our nation revived, healed and restored. We need to be bold in proclaiming the truth of the gospel and shine light on the darkness that exists within our very institutions.

“It’s time for us to find our voice and speak on behalf of the most vulnerable and victimized people in our society. Let’s look to God and cry out to Him that we might see change.”

Please join us in prayer, while the Christian Legal Centre supports Sarah, crying out to God for her protection. But please also pray for the restoration of our nation’s heart, for the injustices going on before our eyes within the NHS and the police. For we know that the God we praise has the power to heal and save (Jeremiah 17:14).

Read the full details of Sarah’s story: Daily Mail – Is this the worst sex grooming case of all?

Reprinted from Christian Concern

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